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We at Amazon Cleaning Services Auckland believe that, ‘first impressions definitely count’. Maintaining the office premises spotlessly clean should be a top priority for any business. Having a clean, sanitised and presentable office will go a long way in reflecting your competence and professionalism. It can also cast a favourable impression on the office guests and future business partners. With over a decade of experience, we are adept in handling all types of commercial cleaning and Office Cleaning requirements. You may contact us for more information about commercial cleaning and maintenance.

Commercial Cleaning Auckland | Office Cleaning Auckland

State of Art Cleaning Processes

We are committed to providing the best cleaning services to our clients. Our equipment and state of the art cleaning processes ensure that we leave no stone unturned when it comes to customer satisfaction. We provide Commercial Cleaning Services to a range of businesses as mentioned below.

    • Offices
    • Body corporate cleaning
    • Childcare Facilities
    • Schools and Colleges
    • Factories and Warehouses
    • Gymnasiums & Fitness Centres
    • Common areas, like a building’s Floors, Corridors, Lobbies and other Compulsory Maintenance areas
    • One‐Off cleaning: to freshen up your premises
    • Builders Clean: Cleaning of premises during process of renovation
    • Special Projects: Getting your office to look clean and professional before an event
    • Floor maintenance ‐ Carpet Steam Cleaning , Stripping and Polishing

Professional Services

When it comes to maintaining your business premises and keeping it clean, all you need to do is to call us on  (09) 626 0505 ,  021 153 6321


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