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We also provide general cleaning services in the below mentioned categories.

We at Amazon Cleaning Services are highly expertise in Carpet Cleaning Auckland. We have developed a very streamlined process in removal of stains, deodorizing etc.

We are having a team of professionals those who understand the customer requirements and needs and accordingly delivers the best Cleaning Services Auckland

We are the best because of our environmental friendly products and our staffs highly professional and positive attitude.

We assure you the best Carpet Cleaning Auckland experience.

Carpet Care:

Removal of stains, deodorizing,etc will be taken care by Amazon Clenaing Services. We also take care of all your move‐in as well as move‐out cleans.

Strip and Polish floors:

Stripping means, the removal of old wax, soil and debris found on the floor. As per the requirement we strip and polish the floor to give it a new look and added shine.

Window/Glass Cleaning:

Dirt which collects on windows and glasses is most evident and visible to onlookers. Repeated cleaning with cloth will certainly not make them look clean and fresh. We have all the right tools to make your glasses look sparkling, clean and as good as new.

Floor Buffing:

This is the cleaning of non‐carpeted floors by means of a rotary scrubbing machine with a built‐in provision for incorporating a stain removing solution. We also make sure that none of the other furniture gets affected during the process, by using the necessary standard safety equipment and procedures.

Car Park Cleaning:

We ensure that your apartment or office premises have the cleanest looking parking lot. We also provide excellent services to ensure that the floor, signage, lifts, ticketing machines of your mall’s parking lot appear spotless and sparklingly clean.

Steam Clean:

This type of cleaning ensures that your office or apartment room is free from bugs and bacteria.

Carpet Cleaning Auckland | Office Cleaning Auckland
Carpet Cleaning Auckland | Office Cleaning Auckland
Carpet Cleaning Auckland | Office Cleaning Auckland